• Elegant new display cooler with frameless glass door

    2020-04-16 15:35:00

    SCU1425-I FRAMELESS is our new exclusive and elegant display cooler in pure black. The elegant black eye-catching design has been combined with the fantastic frameless door solution known from our wine coolers, the TFW-F range. It is a premium pure blac...

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  • Our warehouse staff is still here...

    2020-03-25 16:52:00

    All orders and shipping from our warehouse in Viborg, Denmark are handled as usual.   We are all affected one way or the other by the current situation coursed by the Corona virus. Each country deals with the situation differently, but all take the...

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  • Black is the new white

    2020-02-07 10:54:00

    We listen to our customers and there is definitely a trend towards black units. “Black is the new white”, according to sales director Rene Vestergaard. Just in the last few months we have introduced black units in the following product categ...

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  • Supermarket freezers and coolers in black and grey

    2020-02-04 09:43:00

    TWIN and SHALLOW supermarket freezers are available to order in black and anthracite grey.    Check out the possibilities here .  

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  • Black open front coolers

    2020-01-30 15:06:00

    The new MD-XB open front multidecks are like the MD and MD-X our premium range of multidecks. The new models have an amazing design - fantastic presentation possibilities with all black exterior and stainless steel interior. Des...

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  • Island cooler with impressive storage space

    2020-01-22 14:49:00

    The PDC model is an island cooler with impressive storage space, glass sides and an open top. The open top means easy access to products displayed - grab-and-go - but all features make PDC perfect as an impulse cooler. It is idea...

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  • Low open front...

    2020-01-16 13:34:00

    Perfectly located impulse coolers, at just the right spot, is a fantastic opportunity to influence retail customers and increase store sales. Our low open front coolers in black are perfect for this purpose. In many cases, open front cool...

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  • Pure black bottle cooler with canopy

    2019-12-10 16:49:00

    Our best selling bottle cooler CEV425-I was launched in black not long ago. Black exterior and interior. Black wire shelves. Now we have just launched the same all black bottle cooler - with canopy. It's an eye-catching and elegant display cool...

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  • NEW bootle cooler with great product visibility

    2019-11-27 10:03:00

    The new SCU1420-I beverage cooler has an ekstraordinary good product visibility.  The unit is with an extra high glass door, which gives an optimal overview of the coolers content.  The internal LED light also contributes to a great presentation...

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  • Thanks for your visit

    2019-10-28 14:38:00

    Thanks to the many customers and cooperation partners visiting our stand at the HOST exhibition in Milan. It was our fifth time exhibiting at HOST and it is always exiting to see the large setup at HOST and talk with all the many visitors from around the w...

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  • Meet TEFCOLD at HOST Exhibition in Milan

    2019-10-10 08:50:00

    Host exhibition in Milan is coming up the 18th of October and TEFCOLD is of course participating again this year. Attending the Host exhibition is a great way for TEFCOLD to meet and greet all of our existing customers and business relations. Further...

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  • New ISA Bermuda Scoop Ice Cream Freezer

    2019-10-02 11:42:00

    We now offer Bermuda scoop ice cream freezers from ISA in our scoop ice cream freezer range. Bermuda are the perfect choice for quality conscious customers that wish to add scoop ice cream sales to the business - or if customers wish to upgrade current freez...

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  • New Elegant Black Display Cooler

    2019-09-27 13:20:00

    TEFCOLD Cooler range has been extended with the elegant CEV425-I BLACK. The unit is a highly presentable bottle cooler great for display. Because of the black finish and the internal LED lightning, this unit makes a beautiful and eye-catching display &ndash...

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  • Coldrooms build out of modular panels

    2019-08-28 13:13:00

    We have just introduced 2 types of coldrooms. Cooling is available with a temperature range of -2 to 8°C. Freezing with a temperature range of -22 to -18°C. Both types of coldrooms come in a range of modular panels that are quick and&nb...

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  • New supermarket freezers / coolers

    2019-08-19 11:29:00

    The supermarket ranges TWIN and SHALLOW and a single island unit SSF200-P has been added to our TEFCOLD product list. TWIN range is for stores that want the same storage space with a smaller footprint. This is an innovative solution, when it comes ...

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  • New 3-door Cooler Model

    2019-08-05 09:12:00

    FS1600H-P 3-door cooler without canopy is still the same bigger and better cooler, as FSC1600H-P with canopy. This 3-door cooler is perfect for convenience stores, gas stations and supermarkets but also for large restaurants, cafés an...

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  • New IT investment

    2019-05-23 14:45:00

    Here at TEFCOLD we have big ambitions - yet realistic goals. Today we offer quality products and outstanding service within the plug-in commercial refrigeration sector. With more than 30 years of experience and success internationally, it is now time to br...

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  • Special multideck 5% May offer

    2019-05-13 13:14:00

    This May we are offering an exclusive 5% discount* on open front multidecks. Now that Summer is coming, it is time for your convenience sales. This fantastic cooled display is perfect when customers are looking for beverages or grab-and-go foods in small...

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  • New energy-saving multideck with doors

    2019-04-25 15:46:00

    A new exciting and energy-saving cooler is now to be found in our cooler range. The MDS model is part of the TEFCOLD premium program and comes in 3 sizes. The MDS cooler is distinguished by its excellent display capability and is significantly more energy-sav...

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  • New scoop ice cream freezer

    2019-04-15 14:39:00

    We are expanding our assortment once again. This time with 6 new scoop ice freezers. The SC range is available in 3 sizes and comes with flat sliding glass lids. The SCE range also comes in 3 sizes with angled sliding glass lids, for a better presentation of ...

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  • Ready for the ice cream season?

    2019-04-05 13:08:00

    Our freezer assortment has been expanded with 3 premium models of scoop ice cream freezers - UDRS7-P, UDRS9-P and UDRS10-P.  It is open ice cream freezers that have fantastic presentation possibilities as well as easy access to both the ice cream and ...

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  • Website in an extra language

    2019-02-27 11:53:00

    We have just launched our website in an extra language - Danish. After selling in close to 100 countries abroad, we have a strategy to increase the knowledge of our TEFCOLD brand in the Danish market. Denmark is actually one of the markets where ...

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  • Expansion on the danish market

    2019-02-15 17:25:00

    TEFCOLD expansion is not only on the facilities, but also customers on the Danish market. Our warehouse and office expansion was finished and taken into use around the new year. In total the warehouse is today 12.500 square meters and the office buildings ...

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  • Introducing a new glass froster...

    2018-12-13 10:53:00

    Do your customers want ice-cold glasses in order to serve cold drinks? Then read on...   We are introducing a specialized "glass froster" that offer a premium experience for beer consumers by serving draft beer in ice-cold frosted gla...

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  • It is time for BrauBeviale again...

    2018-11-02 10:53:00

    It is time for BrauBeviale again. It takes place from November 13-15 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.  We hope you will come visit us at our stand and see our latest news - Hall 5 stand 133. Please contact the TEFCOLD sales team if you wish to have...

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  • G-Line® by TEFCOLD

    2018-10-31 10:53:00

    We have upgraded our G-line with new design and are now launching G-line By Tefcold. G-line is an expansion of our Gastro product options in grade 304 steel with a series of products in grade 201 steel - making them more economic. The new line consist ...

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  • Welcome to our new website

    2018-10-15 10:53:00

    Today we realeased a new website with a better overview of our products and several improved functions, in order for you to easier find what you are looking for.  The website has a login function where you can get access to buying our cabinets and spa...

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  • Prominent visit...

    2018-08-21 12:10:00

    The Danish Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen and Viborg Mayor Ulrik Wilbek visited TEFCOLD yesterday. It was a short visit in connection with the ministers tour in Jutland and visit at 2 other companies as well. But there was plenty of time to talk about...

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  • Open fronts / Multidecks are here!

    2018-07-31 10:57:00

    TEFCOLD's product range has been expanded with a series of open front coolers - also known as Multidecks.  We have for quite some time now been working on being able to supply you with open front coolers, which hold stable and cold temperatures. ...

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  • Refrigerated Display Counters

    2018-07-05 09:25:00

    TEFCOLD product range has been expanded with a quality refrigerated display counter in several different sizes. It is an excellent display counter solution that is well tested and optimized for perfect display and minimized running costs. Double glazed gla...

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  • TEFCOLD is expanding

    2018-06-26 02:44:00

    TEFCOLD is expanding so that we can keep even more products in stock for you. Our warehouse in Viborg is 8.500 m2 today. When the new extension is done, we will have more than 13.000 m2 under roof. The expansion is mainly warehouse square meters, becau...

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  • Flexible Cooling or Freezing Drawers...

    2018-06-04 10:09:00

    Do you need cooling appliances to be flexible as well? Our new flexible Uni-drawers are in demand and first production batch is selling well, so we have more in production already. Let us know if you're interested in hearing more about the products or ...

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  • Branding as an option...

    2018-05-22 01:46:00

      Branding is also an option when you buy units from our warehouse in Slovenia. We have a good cooperation partner not far from Maribor. Your cooler or freezer will attract more attention with advertising on the sides and/or the canopy. Our coop...

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  • TEFCOLD Group has appointed new CFO

    2018-04-01 12:54:00

    We are pleased to announce that on April 1, 2018 Henrik Kjaer Christensen will start as new CFO at the TEFCOLD Group.   Henrik will work in a new executive management group with CEO Jesper Kirkeby Hansen and CTO & Chairman Torben Christensen. ...

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  • Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd.

    2018-02-01 12:32:00

    TEFCOLD Group has signed an agreement to acquire Interlevin Refrigeration as of February 1, 2018. Both TEFCOLD and Interlevin are operating within the commercial cooling market with plug-in products. “The acquisition of Interlevin will help us increase...

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  • Warehouse in Slovenia

    2018-01-02 13:10:00

    TEFCOLD is pleased to announce that we have opened a warehouse location in Maribor, Slovenia.   This is an important step in our growth strategy and must be seen in combination with our other growth initiatives i.e. hiring 5 more people in sales, m...

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